Company Profile

Sugarequip Vision
To become the first-choice supplier of designed and engineered plant and equipment and niche market spares to the Cane Sugar Industry worldwide.

Where to find us
Sugarequip (Pty) Ltd, have been supplying the sugar industry worldwide for some 40 years and being based in Durban South Africa, is in the heart of the South African sugar industry and ideally situated to road, sea and air freight facilities.

Client Base
World wide with exports to 30 different countries over time.

International Links

To companies in UK,  Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy, Australia and USA.

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Summary of Main Products
- Screening - rotary sugar, vibrating sugar & mixed juice including DSM screens
Screens - for batch and continuous centrifugals & cane mud filters
- Polybaffle
Entrainment Arrestors (Separators)                                     
, Vacuum Pans & RF Probes
- Calcor Batch and Continuous Vacuum
Pan Boiling Systems for Raw Sugar
(semi and automatic)

- Silver Weibull
Centrifugals (Southern Africa)
- Rotary Louvre & Cascade Sugar
Dryers / Coolers (Africa)
Laboratory Equipment (in-house designs)
Turbidity Meter, Colour and Turbidity Meter, Displacement Rate Index
Filterkwik and Nutsch Apparatus

- Mascual - Rotary Massecuite / Magma Pumps
Filters - Cane Mud, Presses and Refinery Auto Filters
- Refinery
Melters and Associated Equipment
Procurement of other factory spares and equipment