Dryers And Coolers


Dryers / Coolers have been manufactured for more than 50 years, handling materials of all types and process conditions. Every installation is individually engineered for 24 hour operation. Projects from inception to commissioning and handover are undertaken by Sugarequip. Materials are continuously fed through a screw conveyor providing a continuous and even feed, essential for drying and or cooling.

Rotary Louvre Dryer / Cooler under construction 
Rotary Cascade Dryer / Cooler
1. Features of Cascade Dryers
  • Efficient drying because of cascading curtain material
  • Able to handle higher moisture material because of lifter design
  • Gentle treatment of heat sensitive materials
  • Counter current flow gives greater thermal efficiency - lower energy user
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust
2. Features of Louvre Dryers
  • High heat transfer at low temperature
  • Gentle treatment of material results in minimal mechanical damage to product
  • Direct contact of both drying and cooling air ensure maximum drying and cooling
  • Greater control of cooling and drying air
3. Dual Benefits SUGAREQUIP Drying and cooling systems are engineered to provide:
  • Minimum product loss through efficient scrubbing
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance

If you are interested in receiving a quotation, please download the General Rotary Dryer Equipment Questionnaire fill in the details and fax it back to us.

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