Filter Press for Processing Liquid Muds from Carbonated Syrup Auto Filters

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Competitive
  • Long Lasting
  • Plates available in a variety of materials

filterpress01.jpgFiltration is achieved by pumping the slurry at high pressure into the chambers plates, where the solids will be trapped by the filter cloths and the clear liquor will flow through the ports provided in each plate compartment.

The filtration will continue until the chambers are filled with mud and/or due to high pressure build up in the Filter. To empty the muds, the feed pump is stopped, hydraulic ram is slackened, the plates are shifted to remove the cakes from the pockets and the Filter Bags removed and washed. Once the cleaning operation has been completed, the Filter is reassembled and the cycle repeated.

Filtration rate is dependent on feed pressure, thickness of cake, slurry temperature and viscosity, nature of the cake solids, and filter media. Plate size can vary from 300 x 300mm with a maximum of 15 chambers to 1500 x 1500mm and a maximum capacity of 60 chambers, from simple hand wheel manual closing, or manually operated hydraulic closing, to completely automatic hydraulic closing and chamber moving mechanism.