Cane Drying Oven - Cane Sugar Laboratory Equipment


The Oven is used for checking the moisture content of cane or bagasse samples, where a specified sample is weighed before and after drying, thus determining the moisture content of the sample.

The sample is weighed on a stainless steel tray and placed in the oven compartment. The oven and timer is then switched on. The timer is normally preset for one hour.

Air is drawn through the top of the cabinet by a fan, through the heater elements and then forced through to the sample.

The temperature controller is preset at 105 C. The exhaust air escapes via a duct situated in the back of the dryer cabinet.

The Ovens are specifically designed for 300 gram cane and 200 gram bagasse samples.

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Packed Dimension: 1060mm x 510mm x 510mm - 52kgs