Slurry Ball Mill - Sugar Cane Laboratory Equipment


The SUGAREQUIP High Speed Slurry Ball Mill has been developed to produce a premium quality crystal seed of regular and uniform micron size suspended in an alcohol medium.

This slurry when injected into a vacuum pan at a set time and correct quantity, will result in the sugar grain being constant in size and quality. The process may be further assisted with the use of a Calcor automatic pan boiling system. (See Calcor Pan Boiling sheet for further information).


Testing of the Ball Mill has been carried out where methylated spirits was added to a defined quantity of refined sugar. This was allowed to grind for eight hours. Thereafter, the inside of the Mill, together with the slurry was washed off with methylated spirits. Photo-micro graphs were taken by adding methanol in a fixed ratio to slurry. Results showed crystal measurements of about 4 - 8 microns which complies with factory specifications.

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Packed Dimension: 885mm x 400mm x 500mm - 84kgs