Slurry Dilution Apparatus - Cane Sugar Laboratory Equipment


The slurry used for seeding vacuum pans should consist of crystal nuclei of uniform size in order to obtain massecuite with good regular grain characteristics.

Suitable slurry can be produced by grinding refined sugar under appropriate conditions in a Sugarequip High Speed Slurry Ball Mill.

This approach is preferable to collecting sugar dust which usually contains small crystals with a wide variation in size.


The quantity of slurry used for graining is dependant on several factors, but as a rough guide, the following quantities have been found to be satisfactory :

  • For 100 m³ B-massecuite, grain with 500 cm³ of the diluted slurry.

  • For 100 m³ C-massecuite, grain with 5000 cm³ of the diluted slurry.

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Packed Dimension: 1210mm x 405mm x 455mm - 25kgs