Raw Sugar Pan Boiling System (Calcor)

1panboiler_ctrlpanel.jpgThe CALCOR Conductivity based Auto-Pan Boiling System was originally designed and built for the South African Sugar Industry. Due to its ease of use and reliability it has been accepted by Sugar Industries worldwide. It has been in operation for over 20 years during which time various improvements have been incorporated.

The system is not computer based. It is designed on reliable established technology and is constructed in modular form to enable easy maintenance. Operation of the equipment is easily understood by Pan Boilers and Factory Personnel.

Over 250 Pan Boiling Systems are in use in South Africa and 14 major sugar producing countries including Brazil, Colombia, Hawaii, Indonesia, Mauritius and Thailand.

CALCOR has been selected by leading Sugar Machinery Suppliers as part of their Pan Boiling Equipment. The Systems are very cost effective when compared with similar automated boiling schemes.

Commissioning by an experienced sugar technologist can be arranged.


The system comprises of :

  • The Auto-Pan.
    This is a Conductivity Programmer/ Transmitter which enables the Pan Boiler to boil any massecuite with a purity below 89 to any conductivity profile required. It can communicate to a supervisory computer control system (SCADA).
  • The Auto-Grain.
    This instrument is required when a Pan is used to grain. It automatically performs the complete graining cycle. Features are automatic intake of the graining charge, level control and establishment of crystals through "controlled water feed".
  • A simulator to test or calibrate the Auto Pan / Auto Grain in the factory or the workshop.
  • Ten Open Stainless Steel Electrodes for conductivity measurement, Massecuite level indication and pan entrainment detection
  • An industrial Two Term Controller. The model of this instrument may be specified by the customer to conform with instruments presently being used
  • A Recorder to show the Pan Boiler and Process Personnel the profile and duration of each boiling cycle. The model of this instrument may also be specified by the customer.
  • An Electric to Pneumatic Converter to operate the automatic molasses or water feed valves (supplied if requested).
  • The instruments are normally supplied in a panel which can be mounted on a pedestal next to the Pan or in a console in a remote control room.
  • Comprehensive hand books in English / Spanish / French.