Polybaffle Entrainment Arrestor (Separator)

The most advanced system for the efficient and effective removal of entrained sugar from exhaust vapour.


The Polybaffle Entrainment Arrestor is installed in new or existing Vacuum Pans (both batch and continuous), Evaporators, Kestner and semi-Kestner vessels, where there is a measurable sugar loss of over 30ppm.


  • Sugar losses are cut to an absolute minimum
    Monitored results in sugar factories show sucrose concentrations in water leaving the vapour leg of the final evaporation to be in the order of 3 to 5 ppm. This is equivalent to 15-25 ppm in the vapour leaving the last vessel.
  • The vessel can be worked at full capacity
    The Polybaffle makes it possible to use a vessel at the rates for which it was designed without losing product in the process. Polybaffle Arrestors exert no more than 3 to 5mm water pressure drop across the Arrestor.
  • Easy to maintain
    A spray of water or caustic soda when the vessel is being cleaned is enough to keep the Arrestor in perfect working order. Even without regular cleaning it is almost impossible to build up pressure or stop the Arrestor working.

    Polybaffle under assembly
  • Long Lasting
    All Polybaffle components are made from 304L stainless steel. The Polybaffle side plates, sealing plates and support brackets are usually fabricated from mild steel for cost effectiveness.

    Top view of a Polybaffle installed in a vessel


Installation design drawings and comprehensive assembly / maintenance manuals are issued with each Arrestor supplied.


Over 160 units have been supplied to 14 countries in the past 10 years.


Polybaffle Plates

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