Sugarequip Exports Two Dryers To Tanzania

news_article2.jpgSugarequip has undertaken the supply of two Sugar Dryers as part of the rehabilitation and upgrade of Kagera Sugar Limited in Tanzania. This project has helped the company to further showpiece South African equipment into Africa. Each of the Dryers have been designed to accommodate 30 tons per hour of raw sugar. They measure 10 metres in length and have a diameter of 2.7 metres and are mounted on special cast iron rollers. A further part of the supply included a screw feeder hopper arrangement, air feed and exhaust hoods.
The units are a Dryer/Cooler of the cascading principle and comprise a three fan concept of which one of the fans is a combined fan and wet dust collector. The Dryers were completely South African designed, made under licence from JND Thermal Process from the United Kingdom. Emphasis was placed on local manufacture and in particular the use of locally produced steel and ancillary components.
The awkwardness and size the units presented a challenge in respect of the shipping arrangements. After careful planning the units were shipped in 14 containers consisting of flat racks, open tops and general purpose containers. 
They reached Dar Es Salaam and then travelled by road to the two factory destinations in Tanzania. The dryer at Kagera mill has been installed and hot commissioned. 
The second dryer at Mtibwa mill will be installed in due course.