Dryer Rotary Louvre Dryer Cooler for Refined Sugar

The project was to replace the internal louvres comprising radial, intermediate and tangential on which the sugar sits and the drying and cooling air comes from behind whilst drum rotates in a 1977 supplied and installed dryer.

Due to the critical importance of this dryer in the refinery operations, analysis of the old imperial drawings was carried out and metricated. The Louvre thickness was increased with additional tip to tip stiffeners being included to accommodate any periodical overloading.

The project entailed cutting out and removing the old louvres to scrap, cleaning up and replacing with the new stronger design. Instead of utilising the traditional nut and bolt concept, Huck bolts with collars were used to increase the integrity of joining the louvres. In spite of some areas being tight and not being able to use Huck Bolts, some creativity on the part of the boilermakers successfully came about.

The project was completed within time given the short refinery off crop for maintenance and within budget.