Massecuite Pumps


  • The pump body and side covers are of cast steel permitting high heads.
  • The pump can be refurbished at a comparativley low cost when the need eventually arises
  • These Massecuite / Magma Pumps are fitted with outboard mounted spherical roller bearing plummer blocks enabling a bearing to be changed without opening the Pump and eliminating any drop in the shaft thus reducing wear.
  • The Pumps are designed for either right or left hand assembly.
    Handing of the Pump can be altered by changing the rotor shaft end to end.
  • The Pump rotor and valve are fitted with renewable bronze tips.
  • The flap valve is fitted on the delivery side using the head of massecuite to keep the valve closed, assisted by a light spring for low head conditions and liquidation.

    Mascual 10 series

    Mascual 20 prior to installation
  • The Models 10 and 20 Massecuite / Magma Pumps have nominal bore, flanged suction and delivery, with Model 30 having rectangular flanges.
  • The Pumps can be supplied with stainless steel wear plates between the Pump body and side covers to protect the side covers from wear. This is available as an optional extra.
  • Due to continued research and development, we retain the right to change the above specifications without notice.

    Mascual 30 series