Screening - Sugar and Mixed Juice Vibrating Screens


screen_vibrate.gifVibrating screens are used for fast, accurate sizing of light or fine material.


Screen cloth is securely clamped and side-tensioned over rubber capped and cambered deck. Spring loaded tension bolts assure tensioning of fine mesh cloths.

The UP vibrating feed hopper distributes material uniformly over the the screening surface, protecting screen cloth at feed points.

The UP totally enclosed vibrating screen is unique in design because no part of the enclosure is vibrated. This feature eliminates the need for flexible connections at feed and discharge points. Dusty, corrosive or toxic materials are completely confined by enclosure and dust retainers seal openings through which vibrator assembly projects.

Enclosures are furnished complete with feed chute, discharge chute and collecting hopper.

Electrically heated screen cloth can be supplied for screening materials where blinding due to moisture is a problem.

Bouncing ball decks can be furnished for screening materials with a high percentage of near-size particles.