Addax Bioenergy is a sugarcane-based renewable energy company

 That has launched a sustainable bioenergy project in Sierra Leone.

Sustainable Investment Model

Our ambition is to become a benchmark for sustainable investment in Africa. Although production is only set to begin towards end 2013, indicators already show:

  • Successful enhancement of food security through what has become the largest food production program in Sierra Leone, and the elimination of “hunger months” in many areas of the region for the first time in many years
  • Local economic development through the creation of 1,366 jobs for national staff at end 2012, as well as infrastructure enhancement
  • The injection of 146 billion Leones or US$ 33.93 million in cash or cash equivalents into the local economy between April 2010 – December 2012, as a catalyst for helping communities to help themselves
  • The success of the public and transparent land lease process, recognised as having conducted the most extensive stakeholder dialogue in the country and having innovated by helping develop the first land deeds for landowners that the country has ever known
  • Concrete examples of economic development, as individuals build new homes, are able to support their families and pay for schooling, and as new businesses appear
  • Confirmation of the innovative solutions to protect local communities and natural resources, for example through the choice of circular sugar cane fields.
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