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is proud to announce the release of the new MARK 5 model of its AUTOPAN AUTOGRAIN
instrument range, known as ‘CAPS’ (Calcor Automatic Pan System).
Since its inception in 1978 with the Mark 1 Auto Pan, various improvements were made to this well
known instrument, resulting mainly from customer suggestions.
In 1993 the Mark 4 model was launched, which proved to be reliable and “user friendly”, that to date
215 units of this model have been sold worldwide.
From experience with this model, it has been decided to introduce some new technological
improvements, whilst retaining the ‘K.I.S.’ (Keep it simple) design.
These changes are aimed at making the instruments even more reliable, while further reducing
maintenance requirements & expertise, like replacing switches and globes with Light Emitting Diodes
(LED’S) and reducing the internal wiring by direct mounting of components on revised printed circuit
boards. The simulator for checking and maintenance is still standard.
Stand Alone
Control Room
1.1 The Mark 5, boasts as a standard feature, an interface enabling integration with a
SCADA system or a PLC, while still maintaining the ease of adjusting the “Boiling Curve”
by the Pan boiler without requiring assistance from IT computer support personnel.
When the Auto-Pan is used in a computer environment, the Adroit computer program is
used to replace the Auto-Grain requiring I/P’s and positioner’s to perform both the
Graining and the Massecuite boiling.
The Mark 5 model Auto Pan (or Auto Pan / Grain) can still be installed in the conventional
“stand-alone” panel with the controller, I/P and recorder.
Certain spare parts are common or interchangeable between the Auto Pan, Auto Grain and
Continuous Vacuum Pan instruments.
The Mark 5 is presently being tested in a South-African factory and will be marketed later this year.
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